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牛津译林版中考英语总复习教案含习题(9A Unit8)


牛津译林版中考英语总复习教案含习题(9A Unit8)

中考英语总复习教案9A Unit 8 Detective stories


A 拼读易错单词

truth guess wound enemy suppose single probably couple safety guard


1.enemy—enemies wealth—wealthy—wealthier—wealthiest

untidy—untidier—untidiest shut—shut—shut--shutting

steal—stole—stolen lie—lay—lain—lying 躺,位于

lie—lied—lied—lying 说谎 lay—laid—laid—laying 放,搁

2.missing adj.缺少的,丢失的 miss v.思念,错过

Oh, my god! My food _________ __________ __________.(不见了)

( ) I can’t say __________ I miss my old friends.

A. how much

B. how long

C. how many

D. how far

It’s a pity that I missed ____________ (read) the detective story with him.

3.report n.报告,报道(可数)

v.报告,举报 report sth./sb.to sb. report+ 宾语从句

( ) _______ exciting weather report!

A. What

B. What an

C. How

D. How an

The victim wanted to __________ the crime which his boss had committed _________ the police.(向……举报)

A witness __________ that he w as breathing heavily and had blood on his shirt.

__________________(据报道) that the police are looking for clues to something important at the scene of the crime.

4.suppose vt. 猜想,假定,料想


We ____________ that the victim knew his murderer.(我们猜想受害者认识凶手)

We _____________that the victim knew his murderer.(我们猜想受害者不认识凶手)

suppose+ n./pron.+… I supposed him (to be) in the reading room.

be supposed to do sth. =should do sth. 应该做某事

Students _______________ (suppose) to hand in their homework on time.

suppose 用于口语 I suppose so. 我认为是这样。

I don’t suppose so. 我认为不是这样。


1.Why are you dressed like that? 你为何穿成这样?

dress sb. like/in sth. ——sb. be dressed like/in sth.

dress up as Monkey King/a monkey

( ) She _________ herself and her children in their best clothes.

A. wore

B. put on

C. in

D. dressed

2.Who do you think is not telling the truth? 你认为谁在说谎?

疑问词 + do you think + 陈述句语序

( )--How long do you think ________ asleep?


A. he has been, Two and a half hour

B. he has been, Two and a half hours


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